The cruise industry is something different and unique



Assignments are determined by position, and length can vary based on the particular rank. Managers typically have three to four-month assignments, followed by four weeks of vacation.

For all other positions average approximately eight-ten  months working onboard, with ten to twelve weeks of vacation time.  




Since space is limited, all cabins are designed to maximize efficiency, and depending on your role onboard, you may share a cabin with one or more crew members. Working and living in a such small environment with your fellow crew members will take some time of adjusting. However, this is an excellent opportunity to develop strong friendships with fun and interesting people from all over the world.

Work environment


While traveling to exciting cities and ports of calls you might face a very challenging time on board of our ships. The pace of the cruising industry is different and not comparable to anything you might have experienced before. You can expect long working hours, seven days a week. Time off is limited, nevertheless you will find the time to explore the cities and ports of calls.