Staying healthy is a priority that should be maintained regardless of where you are in the world, and as you travel to all the exciting places with us, we want to help ensure that you’re able to follow a positive lifestyle, too.


Onboard of our ships, we have healthy food menues, you can always enjoy jogging, as well as workout facilities (management positions only) available, so you can continue working toward your personal fitness goals.


It is very important to join the ship healthy and ready to work. If you have any prescriptions that have been cleared as part of your pre employment medical exam, those should be filled for the duration of your assignment before you join. It can be very expensive to fill prescriptions in many ports of call.




Grand Circle Cruise Line has zero tolerance policy for consumption and possession of any drugs.


The zero tolerance policy also applies to sexual harressement, discrimination, fighting, bodily harm, physical or verbal abuse and theft.


We do expect our crew members who consume alcohol do it in a responsible manner. In the interest of safety, random drug and alcohol test will be conducted.


Smoking is permitted in designated areas, and only while crew members are off-duty.